images above by THOMAS LENDEN

The aim of THE WEARABLE's artistic creation is to allow a person to temporarily surrender to a cinematic narrative in which reality is altered in such a way that it becomes similar to psychosis. The experience of THE WEARABLE begins with a person mounting a pair of ‘goggles’ on their head, also known as a Head Mounted Display (HMD). The HMD contains two LED screens that are aligned providing the wearer with the experience of looking at a high-resolution wide-screen TV. The HMD contains a single camera that enables a wearer to see and hear his or her everyday world through the camera, while it is simultaneously manipulated in real-time, as semantic information layers and digital manipulations or special video and audio effects are added.

The experience is interactive and multi-path, meaning actions need to be taken to initiate aspects of the film, and no two experiences are the same. In order to achieve this, a Wii game controller is used. The sensors of the controller allow the system to 'know' if movement takes place and run a narrative that reacts according to movements and buttons pressed at key moments. The experience lasts about 12 minutes and includes several scenes and acts, in which eight characters are part of a story evolving towards a climax. In the experience, you are 'The Hero'. You are asked to participate in a (fictional) medical experiment, in which you allow your mind to be uplinked to the mind of 'A Girl Named Jamie', who is in psychosis. Your job, while in her mind, is to follow her memories, her voices and her thoughts, and find clues about her experiences, which are collected in a database to be used in therapy. Be prepared to play The Movie Game, to meet The Oracle, to take on power over colour and become pregnant with technology. Be warned as your reality and the reality of Jamie intertwine.

During the experience the focus is on what it is like to have ones senses under attack, be distracted and have difficulty in concentration when bombarded with information. In essence, one discovers that it is almost impossible to carry out the assignment to observe ‘the girl named Jamie’ as one simply becomes Jamie. For some people the experience of THE WEARABLE is a positive journey, for most others it is considered less so, but in all reports it is considered as an exceptionally valuable experience that helps to better understand the subjective experience of psychosis. When conducting questionnaires, the average grade for the workshop by the participants has been a 9 out of 10 in all instances.