THE LABYRINTH experience begins when you enter the labyrinthine multimedia installation. You walk a path as if you are entering the deep crevasses of a brain. Making way with your arms, you ‘swim’ through a trajectory of light and darkness, that constantly changes in texture and atmosphere. You experience being in another world, in which reality is there and not there at the same time; a world pregnant with meaning, which revolves around you as the visitor. A world, in which others become mere actors upon a stage, who infiltrate your experience in uncomfortable ways; a world of surprise around each corner in which you lose your sense of time and space. Unlike a maze, a labyrinth consists of a single path that twists and turns towards a centre. It is believed that to walk a labyrinth is to embark on a spiritual journey towards oneself. Many believe that psychosis is a spiritual emergency or personal crisis that re-creates The Self. THE LABYRINTH thus becomes a metaphor for psychosis, of losing and finding oneself, and for how beautiful yet terrifying the experience can be.

The technology of THE LABYRINTH is state of the art. Segments of the walls are sensor-based, reacting to the touch and movement of those who enter, creating a sensation that THE LABYRINTH forms a system of control, knows who you are and where you are at all times. Directional sound technology creates the experience of sounds coming from everywhere, the floor the ceiling. Yet, perhaps most impressive aspect, are the six LED ‘hallucination poles’ that are placed within the crevices of THE LABYRINTH to simulate what it is like to see something in the air 'that is there but not there'. Embedded into the structure, a line of LED lights are flashed at a particular frequency, in such a way that your eyes construct a HD image, in a sense hacking your brain. A person who moves sees it; a person who stands still does not. THE LABYRINTH forces a visitor to leave his or her comfort zone in unexpected ways allowing him or her to realize what it would be like to experience such a thing 24/7.

Moment of testing the hallucination poles, now you see it, now you don’t!



fun fact:

the walls of THE LABYRINTH

consist of 18 different materials

layout floorplan

detail side walls

detail view from below   

detail of wall with Moire effect