Concept, Narrative and Overall Design

Jennifer Kanary Nikolov(a)

Software and Game Engine Design

Konstantin Leonenko

Graphic Design

Katja van Stiphout

Structural Sound Design

Konstantin Leonenko

Atmospheric Sound Design

Pinar Temiz

with thanks to ‘Free Sound’

Female Voices

'The Oracle'  Laura Schuster

'Jamie' Jennifer Kanary Nikolov(a)

Male Voices

'The Father' Alec Kopyt

'The Mysterious Man' Nikola Nikolov

'The Electronic Man' Konstantin Leonenko

Design Cyberfold

Jennifer Kanary Nikolov(a)

Production Cyberfold

Meg Grant

Production and Design Cyberfold 2

Elian Smits

Production and Design Carrier

Nikola Nikolov

Anja Hertenberger

Lisa Randoe

Cinematic Scenes Filmed At


Camera and Edit

Zoot Derks

Jeanette Groenendaal

Technical Assistance and Advisors

Konstantin Leonenko (general advisor)

Marco Wessel (system reproduction)

Vladimir Grafov (systems architecture)

Jan Trützschler (recording system)

Tijs Ham (assistant advisor)


Vuzix 1200 VR

Logitec camera

Macbook pro

Koss Porta Pro Headphones



CREDITS (under construction always)


Deepest gratitude to the consortium of Fonds Psychische Gezondheid, Janssen and Corporate Citizenship Trust Fund of Johnson & Johnson for making this project an artistic research reality.

Much thanks go the Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds and Scholingsfonds voor Kunst en Cultuur for believing in this project from the start. Without your kickstarting money this project would never have gotten off the ground.

Many thanks to Fonds BKVB for the basisstipendium and the project subsidy

Thank you to Lokaal 01 and Museum Het Dolhuys for the artist in residencies and the financial support.


Wouter Kusters, Jannemiek Tukker

Bas Labruyere, Tilly Gerritsma, Niels van Spaandonk

Theo Festen, Lucas Evers


Janssen, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

Sjaak Bloem, Eliane Lauwers, Gert Mannaert

Fonds Psychische Gezondheid

Ronald Gorter, Ben Roelands, Mariska Cornelisse, Mitzy Kieffer, Saskia Oskam

Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust

Frank Welvaert

Rob Giel Psychosis Research Centre, UMCG

Lian van der Krieke en Frank van Es

Waag Society, Institute for Art, Science and Technology, Amsterdam

Sabine Wildevuur, Sacha van Tongeren, Lucas Evers, Raoul Wissink

Tom Demeyer, Peter Fekkes, Bas Withagen, Laurens Schuurkamp

Alex Schaub, Keimpe de Heer, Chistine van den Horn, Frank Kresin

and everyone else

TU Delft, Robotics Institute, Delft, The Netherlands

Prof Pieter Jonker

AR LAB, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, The Netherlands

Yolande Kolstee

Living Lab, Leiden, The Netherlands

Gert-Jan Cornel

Plymouth University

Planetary Collegium

Antonio Caronia, Derrick de Kerckhove, Pier Luigi Capucci, Francesco Monico, Antonio Somaini, Jill Scott, Mike Phillips, Michael Punt, Roy Ascott and all my colleagues in particular Natasha Vita-More who inspired the idea of The Wearable.

Thanks to previous and current staff members: Carole Watson, Timothy Bachelor, Sarah Kearns, Sarah Carne and many more...



Konstantin Leonenko

Jennifer Steetskamp

Nikola Nikolov


Concept and Design

Jennifer Kanary Nikolov(a)

Labyrinth Build

Nikola Nikolov (Studio-Re-Creation)

LED Hallucination Poles Hardware

Rene Wassenburg (Schrikdraad)

LED Hallucination Poles Software

Simon de Bakker (Simbits)

Interactive Design Textile Wall Panels

Meg Grant

Sound Design

Tijs Ham (Soundlings)

Alina Sleebe (HKU)

Pinar Temiz (Soundlings)

with thanks to ‘Free Sound’

Hardware Sound

Directional speakers: ACOUSPADES

by Miha Ciglar and co

Wall Curtains


Special Thanks

Goes to Ludo Winkelman for his ever ready extra pair of hands and allowing THE LABYRINTH to grow in his studio and to ‘Everybody Loves Penguins’ for developing the first version of the LED Hallucination Poles with Rene Wassenburg.