•The location for THE LABYRINTH needs to be indoors

•It needs 30 m2 clean even floor- no obstacles

•A ceiling minimum of 3.85 meters

•Sufficient space to walk around, min: Length: 8.80     Width: 6.50      Height: 3.85 meters

•Clean even access (nr of flight cases are very heavy and will not go over any thresholds)

•Standard wide doors and hallways (longest flight case is three meters long)

•if on first floor a large freight elevator is required

•Electrical sockets: 2x 220 volt (separate) THE LABYRINTH IS PLUG AND PLAY

•8 hour build-up time (two skilled, strong people)

•4 hour break-down time (two skilled, strong people)

•ladder (usually we bring this ourselves)

•space that can be darkened (preferable)

•two theatre spotlights- optional  (preferable blue filter shining on top of The Labyrinth)

•one theatre spotlight- optional (diffuse filter shining on entrance)

•Ground floor – unless access with freight elevator that can hold a flight case of three meters long and a weight of 750 KG.

•Easy access with transport truck

•Access way contains no staircases or any other uneven structures

•Hallways and doors are wide enough.

•As the transport cases are heavy- floors need to be even with NO THRESHOLDS.


Due to the nature of the rarity of equipment, depending on circumstances, it is required that a provided space is lockable.


THE LABYRINTH is stored and transported in 8 flight cases (6 with wheels). They fit in a 21 m2 truck (with hydraulic lift).


•25 rubber tiles (1 x 1 meter) with aluminum pattern of labyrinth

•4 corner tiles (1 x 1 meter)

•+/- 25 aluminum poles

•aluminum ceiling panels (12 parts, 8 of which are large)

•Bolts, screws and wedges

•+/- 25 fabric panels (form the walls), different materials, different sizes (all fire proof)

•1 bicycle mirror (bendable)

•6 extension cords (connecting all equipment together)

ELECTRICAL (equipment rests on ceiling)

•6 LED hallucination poles – wires run through ceiling and connect to 3 beagle boards (in black encasements) which rest on the ceiling (6 sockets)

•3 sensors – connected to ceiling – wires connected to Arduino’s in the wall panels (wires via ceiling)

•3 proximity reactive wall panels - wires go through to ceiling

-nr 1 (grey) holds speakers (1 socket)

-nr 2 (white) holds speakers and numerical displays (2 sockets)

-nr 3 (black) holds speakers and numerical displays (2 sockets)

•3 directional sound speakers- wires go through ceiling connecting to 3 amplifiers (3 sockets)

•1 pair of sensor based headphones – wires go through ceiling and connects to beagle board/arduino (plays binaural recording) (2 sockets)

•one battery run security camera (fake)

•one power switch light (can be turned on and off by pulling a cord- 1 socket)



Each new workshop location will be discussed with the organizers. In essence the workshops can be given at any indoor location that is non- or semi-public. If a closed room it is provided, then it is preferred that participants are allowed to wander out into the hallway. This may cause some noise to neighbouring classrooms or offices, but it also creates a sense of engagement and welcome diversion. If an outdoor location is intended, than a basecamp tent of 15 m2 will suffice, in good weather people may also wander outside in a semi-public setting.


To conduct the workshops a large table is needed to prepare the equipment on and sufficient number of chairs for participants to sit on.


The workshop benefits from access to electrical sockets before the workshop starts, so that there may be optimal use of battery power. In the case of lectures, access to a screen and or beamer with sound is needed. Please indicate in advance if it is not possible to provide this.


Due to the nature of the rarity of the equipment, depending on circumstances, it is preferable that the situation in which the workshop takes place provides a clear overview, to prevent people wandering off. The workshop should not be conducted in public space unless sufficient security measures are taken with the number of guides.



Technicals requirements